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This anecdote has been cited as having happened to either Mark Twain, in the United States, or to Rudyard Kipling, in Britain. It had probably happened to none. the many versions registered are cropped with imprecise facts. But the story is inspiring.

It was noticed that the author - Kipling or Twain -, at the height of his carrer was paid quite a high value - a shilling, a dollar... whatever - for every word he wrote. Some students, as a provocation, wired him this amount of money with a note: Dear Mr. Kipling [Mr. Twain], please, send me your best word".

And he sent back: "Thanks!"

When we looked for a name for our best wine, this story appeared from nowhere. And the analogy seemed perfect...

Krasia May is desert made liquid and liquid made poetry. It is a gift of Nature. A gift for which we can only say thank you, or in Mapuche - a local native language - Krasia May. It is a gift of the desert. It is as rare as it is precious. It deserves the best word. It is destined to the best people: our best friends.


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