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Growing up in California, I learned the satisfaction of gently tucking the roots of a plant safely into the earth. As you scrub the dirt from your hands, you know that you have connected with the natural path of growth and change. If you’ve done your job well, the seasons bring continuous reward. Bare branches begin to bud. From the deep green canopy emerges a sudden contrast of rich reds and purples of fruit. By harvest the foliage is a fiery orange, signaling a need to rest and prepare for next year’s bounty.

In 2001 I had to leave those years of gardens and grapevines in Sonoma County and move to the chaos of city life. They always say that you can’t go back, but I’ve been fortunate to recover that part of me I’d left behind. Opportunity knocked in a most unlikely fashion, in the shadow of the Andes.

Plants don’t complain, but they reward you when they are happy. In 2007 I was reading the newspaper, and discovered a rugged landscape being transformed parcel by parcel into a magnificent vineyard. A small group of visionaries and winemakers from both the Napa Valley and Argentina had found their dream terroir high in the Uco Valley of Mendoza. What better way to reconnect with nature than through wine.

Nunum began in 2008 as a ten acre vision of Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay at The Vines of Mendoza. However, one cannot stand on that rocky soil in awe of the Andes, breathe pure air, drink crystalline water, gaze at constellations, and not want more. As those vines flourished I added six more acres – Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Grenache. Nunum is positioned to produce an impressive portfolio of world-class wines. And I love getting my hands dirty again.

NUNUM (nunum) n. Sorcerer [Origin: Huarpe Milkayak]


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Silver medal at the Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition

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