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Los Chiflados wines are produced by our Seis Ninos vineyard located in the Uco Valley, Mendoza Argentina. Our vineyard is named after our six children and six grandchildren but still growing. The meaning of Los Chiflados expresses where the three principals are in life being the three stooges or the silly ones. Chasing our dreams of planting the vines and watching them grow and producing a fine wine for all to enjoy. Our vineyard produces four wines: a dry crisp Torrontes, a barrel aged Malbec, and a barrel fermented and aged Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. Our wines not only reflect essence of our combined palates but the winemaking expertise of Pablo Martorell and blending oversight of Mariana Onofri with the entire team of the Vines of Mendoza. 

Enjoy our four varieties of wines all appropriately named Monos Tontos, Viejos Pirados, Paloma Catrasca, and Abuelas Rayadas.